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8/2/2023 3:42:51 PM

Hyeonggeun Yun
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Hello, I am Hyeonggeun Yun who is a researcher at ADD(Agency for Defense Development). I received B.S degree in convergence engineering(major: computer science) from DGIST. My research interests are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-AI Interaction, Interaction at Scale, Computational Interaction, and Usable Privacy. Especially, I want to study a society where humans and computers live together.


  • Our paper "GoonDAE: Denoising-Based Driver Assistance for Off-Road Teleoperation" was conditionally accepted to IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L)! (2023.02.04)
  • Our paper "Mine Yourself!: A Role-playing Privacy Tutorial in Virtual Reality Environment" was conditionally accepted to CHI 2022 Late-Breaking Work! (2022.02.18)
  • I started my research career at ADD (Agency for Defense Development) for my mandatory military service. (2021.06.01)
  • I received B.S degree (magna cum laude) in convergence engineering (major: computer science) from DGIST! (2021.02.17)
  • Our UGRP (Undergraduate Group Research Program) won an excellent prize (2nd place)! (2021.02.03)
  • I joined Companoid Labs, which is a User Experience (UX) Research-based Company builder, as Co-founder, Researcher and Partner. (2020.12.11)
  • Our poster paper "Chatbot with Touch and Graphics: An Interaction of Users for Emotional Expression and Turn-taking" was also conditionally accepted to CUI 2020 Posters & Demos! (2020.05.15)
  • Our position paper "Chatbot with Touch and Graphics: An Interaction of Users for Emotional Expression and Turn-taking" was accepted to CUI@CHI workshop at CHI 2020! (2020.02.26)
  • Our UGRP (Undergraduate Group Research Program) won an encouragement prize! (2020.01.16)
  • Summer internship at KIXLAB (KAIST Interaction Lab) (2019.06.27)
  • Our Work-in-Progress paper "Supporting Instruction of Formulaic Sequences Using Videos at Scale" was accepted to L@S 2019! (2019.05.02)
  • Winter internship at KIXLAB (KAIST Interaction Lab) (2018.12.26)
  • Taking a Summer Session at UC Berkeley (2018.06.18)
  • Winter internship at Companoid Labs (2018.01.02)


  • B.S. in Convergence Engineering, DGIST

    • Mar 2017 - Feb 2021
    • Majoring in Computer Science
    • GPA: 3.98/4.3 (Magna Cum Laude)


  • Agency for Defense Development (June 2021 - Current)

    • Researcher, Lieutenant
    • Working @ Ground Technology Research Institute
  • Companoid Labs (Jan 2019 - Current)

  • KAIST Interaction Lab (KIXLAB) (Dec 2018 - Feb 2019, June 2019 - Aug 2019)

  • Companoid Labs (Jan 2018 - Feb 2018)

  • Blocko (July 2017 - Aug 2017)

    • Developer Intern
  • NAVER (July 2015 - Aug 2015)

    • Developer Intern


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  • "상상을 현실로 만드는 소프트웨어... '꿈의 디딤돌'이죠" (Korean)
  • 네이버, SNS '하루' 만든 고등학생 개발자 지원 (Korean)
  • "흑역사 지운다"…휘발성 SNS 개발한 17살 동갑내기 (Korean)
  • 머릿속 아이디어, 포기 않고 10개월 걸려 구현 (Korean)
  • 중학생들이 만든 새로운 SNS '하루' (Korean)